Stutents from the Innovatie Lab in Amsterdam Working on the “Water Tap” Rethink Relief Project

Seven fearless student from the Innovatie Lab in Amsterdam are currently working on  the design of the Water project developped during Rethink Relief 2013.  Their goal is to improve the design of a device to reduces spillages and recycling waste water and build a functional prototype to be tested on the field.

The seven student standing at the entrance of the school

They are working closely with Joos Van de Nortgate from MSF, last week they went on a visit to MSF Supply in Belgium, to have a look at the equipement currently used by Relief organization and get a better understanding of the logistic of Relief organization.

We are looking forward to discover what great design they will come up with and will keep you updated as the project move forward !

A little more about the Innovatie Lab :
The Innovation Lab helps small and medium enterprises  to realise their ideas.There are enough ideas bud it lacks often time, knowledgeor abilities to realize these ideas. Maybe there is lack of research-, prototype- and testing facilities or there is not enough manpower available cheap air max 90 premium tape. The innovation lab is committed to help these companies further.

With the creativity and inventiveness of students, solutions will be invented for the current inquire of the project. The students experiment, invent new opportunities, make prototypes and developing new products. The student’s project teams are multidisciplinary, from different study’s are they working on a solutions. The innovation lab offers supporting facilities which the teams can make use of.