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Rain water harvesting

Shortage of clean drinking water is quite common in refugee/IDP camps in Uganda. People living in the camps are dependent on water provided by UNHCR and NGO’s. This shortage of clean drinking water causes the usage of contaminated/dirty water for the drinking purposes, which exasperates the healthcare situation in the camps.

Rainy season in Uganda spans for around 8 months in a year, however, the rain water is not collected for the usage despite its abundance and minimal requirement of treatment before usage.

Rainfall in Pader per month

Keeping in view the situation in camps and an opportunity, we are building a rain water harvesting tool/material KIT that is easily deployable, cheap, and durable and it fits almost every type of house built in the camps. It is also easy to transport during the transition phase as well cheap girls air jordan 10. This kit will be given to the refugees/ IDP on their arrival to the camps.

After the design summit, one of the participant, Tobias Bahne took on the project further and did research and prototyping as part of his graduation project at the Bauhaus school of Design.

Project report by Tobias Bahne



Communal space for water collection

In refugee / IDP camps, aid-agencies typically provide 15-20 liters of water per day per person out of which only 2-3 liters is used for drinking. Providing this quantity of water is expensive and requires a lot of effort. Between 10-20% of this water is wasted due to inefficient usage. This can have a serious health impact.

Can we make the utilization of water more efficient for improved health and well being?


The team created a simple solution to reduces spillages and recycling waste water while Improving Well being (hygiene, rest, recreation). In this solution a tap and articulation filling arm were designed to be attached to the existing piping system, with a self-opening/closing tap, that requires no contact with hands (potential source of contamination). The original crate used to transport the emergency kit is used as a spillage collector which allows the water to be reused for numerous purposes such as flush latrines and agricultural fields and prevents the formation of a puddle under the taps buy jordans online for cheap. The concept also involves the conversion of water distribution points into communal zones where different water related activities can be carried out such as hygiene, laundry and dishes and a vegetable garden using filtered water.


Stutents from the Innovatie Lab in Amsterdam Working on the “Water Tap” Rethink Relief Project

Seven fearless student from the Innovatie Lab in Amsterdam are currently working on  the design of the Water project developped during Rethink Relief 2013.  Their goal is to improve the design of a device to reduces spillages and recycling waste water and build a functional prototype to be tested on the field.

The seven student standing at the entrance of the school

They are working closely with Joos Van de Nortgate from MSF, last week they went on a visit to MSF Supply in Belgium, to have a look at the equipement currently used by Relief organization and get a better understanding of the logistic of Relief organization.

We are looking forward to discover what great design they will come up with and will keep you updated as the project move forward !

A little more about the Innovatie Lab :
The Innovation Lab helps small and medium enterprises  to realise their ideas.There are enough ideas bud it lacks often time, knowledgeor abilities to realize these ideas. Maybe there is lack of research-, prototype- and testing facilities or there is not enough manpower available cheap air max 90 premium tape. The innovation lab is committed to help these companies further.

With the creativity and inventiveness of students, solutions will be invented for the current inquire of the project. The students experiment, invent new opportunities, make prototypes and developing new products. The student’s project teams are multidisciplinary, from different study’s are they working on a solutions. The innovation lab offers supporting facilities which the teams can make use of.