CAPA portable light

Problem statement
People, especially women and kids, are more vulnerable in the dark and are prone to violent attacks. Services can be inaccessible at night, there may be lack of suitable lighting and areas can be isolated. Darkness can act as a cover for perpetrators, and due to the unsympathetic and hostile nature of authorities/context such incidents of violence can go unreported and unpunished.


The team developed a personal portable lighting solution developed to protect the vulnerable in the dark. The LED lamp is attached to a lanyard to be worn around the neck or wrist. It is recharged by a dynamo power supply, and includes a radio for convenience and a panic alarm for protection jordan It’s coated in florescent material to make it easy to find, even in the dark, and its magnetic base makes it easy to store or attach to be used as a fixed lamp.

System design analysis for CAPA portable light