Uganda 2014

Rethink Relief in Pader Uganda

In 2014, three years after the first workshop Rethink Relief took a turn and moved closer to the “users” of aid and technologies.  Rethink Relief brought together 33 participants from 16 countries in Pader, Uganda, to identify challenges and develop solutions that bridge the gap between short-term humanitarian relief and long-term sustainable development.

Map situating Pader in the north of Uganda

Pader belongs to the district of Gulu in Northern Uganda and it’s about 10 hours drive from Kampala through Lira. This region was devastated by a long war between the Lord Resistance Army and the government.

This war harmed many Acholi communities, disrupted families and their homes. After several years living in displaced camps the Acholi people could go back but faced a difficult return and resettlement as coming back meant facing the devastation and the past fears.

Our host, Caritas Gulu Archdiocese received all participants with a warm welcome and helped making this a great week!


We formed 5 teams, each with at least a design facilitator from the international organizers, an international participant, a local resident and a south sudanese refugee from Ayilo camp in the district of Adjumani, Northern Uganda cheap air max nike shoes. The teams were divided in the topics of agriculture, rainwater harvesting, cooking, preventive healthcare and lighting.

Holding Rethink Relief in Pader allowed for the unique participation of Ugandans who had lived in displaced camps during the civil war, as well as of South Sudanese refugees currently living in camps in northern Uganda.

The two weeks program included two panel on which guest speakers represented different perspectives about their experience with the war and peace process in Northern Uganda. A hands-on worshop to learn about design processes and the creatio of prototype.

The team worked in the TET center, an innovation center put together by the IDIN network.

At the end of the week the participant had a chance to present to Pader resident the ideas and project they came up with nike air max running. Look at the project section for some of the creations.

The participant then went to visit the Ayilo camp, guided by the locals participants.




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