Hospital in a box

Problem statement
How can we rethink the deployment of first aid medical equipment used in emergency relief in order to make it “logistics-friendly”?

The project “hospital in box” was an idea based on the fact that after a disaster there is high number of people that require many different medical treatments.  To make a proper observation of the patients and determine which treatment they must have and, in case of a simple treatment to effectively perform it, be able to treat patients without delay. Current solutions are adopted from “normal” medical settings but are not adapted to the demanding environment of post-disaster settings nike lebron basketball shoes. This project evolved towards two concepts of a compact and modular concept integrating a folding stretcher, storage and hanging space.

a box open up to become an hospital bed

The final concepts have the potential initially proposed: to gather multiple components in one, making the solution more compact, being practical to deploy (in terms of transport logistics and of setting up ease) and to clean and repair cheap air max sneakers. Besides being an innovative solution not yet existing in the market it can be further developed to accommodate the requirements for adoption or manufacturability in disaster-prone regions.