2logo-smallRethink Relief is an intense design workshop dedicated to creating technologies for humanitarian relief that specifically address the gap between short-term relief and long-term sustainable development. This hands-on event is an unique opportunity for practitioners, designers and recipients of humanitarian aid to engage and develop a holistic approach to relief that considers the transition from emergency response to post-disaster self-sufficiency as an integral part of the planning and implementation process.

The 2014 summit was held in Pader, Uganda in partnership with Caritas Uganda, it was the first summit to take place in a post-conflict area. Teams worked in co-creation with local communities to design technologies that ease the transition from relief camps to resettlement in their villages. Residents from the Adjumani refugee camps also participated in the summit to help identify and address current challenges from their lives in the camps.

Rethink Relief is organized by D-Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,

In order to contact us, please send email to info@rethinkrelief.com