Rethink Relief is a program that began in April 2010 with the vision of creating innovative technologies and products to fill the gaps between the initial humanitarian response to a disaster or conflict, and the resettlement and recovery that follows. After convening three design summits that enabled humanitarian workers, engineers and affected populations to build relationships and co-create technologies, programs and tools, we have expanded our vision to develop a three-pronged approach to working with affected populations:

  • Training people in camps and displaced situations in the design process to build their capacity to create and develop technologies, products or services that address challenges that they face in their lives, both during and after the crisis.
  • Designing products that address immediate needs while simultaneously preparing people for future resettlement and transition, through an inclusive and collaborative process.
  • Developing an ecosystem of programs and partners to support refugee-led innovation, co-design between emergency affected populations and humanitarian organizations, and institutional capacity building in innovation.

As part of the MIT D-Lab network, our core team draws on D-lab’s extensive experience in leading innovation trainings in co-design with grassroots communities all over the world.

Rethink Relief is organized by D-Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,

In order to contact us, please send email to info@rethinkrelief.com